Deimos is Three

I just figured that since I bought Deimos at the Duty Free before we boarded for Cyprus, it is now 3 years old.

My trusty machine is a bit dark-ish grey as opposed to bright silver. Its battery isn’t what it used to be, holding a charge for about 20 minutes as opposed to two hours. And it hasn’t gotten any stronger so it won’t be able to run The Witcher 2 or Crysis 3.

But other than that, I’m still rather pleased with it. It does the work it was meant to do. It plays HD video at native resolution (almost) without fault. And I can play most games I want on it. Even some of the newer things although I have to run it at less than stellar details.

Overall, its doing much better than Luna did, completely dead after two years, god rest her processor. In fact, Maayan and me talk once in a while about the future of our home computing network and there is the subject of what will be and will be the usage of our next computer. My stance on it is that our current setup is good enough for grunt work (internet, reading and writing, even programming) but we would like a better machine for home entertainment (gaming and HD viewing). I am also thinking about maybe a transformer for future work on the Android platform but that is ethereal.

So, in a few months, or maybe more, we will buy something like this and set up a fine home entertainment system. But our own PCs, Deimos included, will still serve us well into the future with Deimos probably taking the roll of HTPC when we have a better TV.

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