The Fourth Step of Enshittification

We already know that AI is ruining the internet and if this trend continues, it’ll turn into a vacuous space with 90% bots posting shit and then replying to each other with other shit. But even without AI in the mix, After watching Jenny Nicholson’s video on the Star Wars Hotel I have become painfully aware of the fourth step of Enshittification. After pandering to the investors at the expense of business partners and actual users of the platform, corporations create groundbreaking, disruptive bullshit NERPS that are only there to entice more investors to invest more so they can grow their market share and capitalization without actually releasing anything that people actually want.
I think that’s what all this AI bullshit is doing now, just like the Metaverse bullshit last year or the crypto-nft-blockchain bullshit two years ago. They’re just riding the wave of what’s hot in the industry so speculating assholes with too much money and too little sense give them a higher evaluation and a year or two from now it’ll all fizzle out with nothing to show for it except some die hard fans who’ll swear by it, some gullibles who lost their money, and C-Suite dipshits retiring with a golden parachute.

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