The Loss of Nuance

I don’t want to harp too long about this but I felt I had to say something. I am definitely not the first to mourn the loss of nuance in today’s discourse, in everything. It’s all so polarized, when the only options that seem to be available are the two extremes. It’s ok to have a stance but it’s not ok to demonize the other side. It’s ok to hold two opinions that might seem at odds at the same time.

It all comes back to the same thing, in my mind, what I would say if I could give one command to every person on the planet. I would say three words, “Think about it.” Don’t settle for what people sell you and think deeply about what your policies are and what you do about it. Anyone trying to convince you of something has something to gain. Just make sure it’s something you also want.

And another thing, stop weaseling out. It’s another topic I became more aware of recently. Don’t try to minimise your thoughts or your feelings, stop qualifying everything and just say it, it’s ok to not hold back when something matters to you. It’s also ok to relent every once in a while, let go, admit a mistake. The guideline is Strong Opinions, Weakly Held. Be firm and act on what you believe and don’t be afraid to express it but also be mindful that you might be wrong or not as accurate as you might think so prepare to change your mind.

Please try and treat other people less like devils and more like human beings just like you. Everyone has strengths, some that might be better than yours. And everyone has weaknesses, some that you might be able to help with.

The start of any discussion, especially about how to improve the human condition, starts with agreeing on a common platform. I think every human being deserves to live a decent, respectable life and we should all do our best to lift up those who are lowest.

What do you think?

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