Our Game is the First of the Unity Blog 2014 Global Game Jam Selection

See the post here.

Interesting Tidbits:

  1. There were 2292 Unity games in the 2014 Global Game Jam out of 4291 total (That’s more than 50%).
  2. The Unity blog decided to feature 4 games they found to be interesting (That’s less than 0.2%, of only the Unity games).
  3. Our game was number one on that list.
  4. Dropbox, where I hosted the web version of the game, is probably getting Slashdotted right now.
  5. If isn’t, it should be. I’ll go help with that. By posting to Slashdot.
  6. This game took ten people about 30 hours to make. From scratch. Including a few hours of sleep.
  7. At one point, seven of them occupied a table meant for one.
  8. This was me and Maayan’s first GGJ.
  9. I knew one and a half of the other people on the team. Maayan knew one.
  10. I would like to think that we had two major factors playing in our favour for recognition:
  1. We had a good strong team, covering well all the majour requirements, and each one contributed to the vision.
  2. We hit on a very good combination of interesting, challenging, good looking, well sounding, cute, competitive and overall fun gameplay.
  • This was and is incredibly awesome.

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