Why Not Online Gaming

I don’t very much enjoy playing games online. To the point where I have a game that is designed to be at least half if not mostly online (Torchlight II) but I prefer to play solo because I don’t enjoy the interaction. However, playing games with friends (mostly board games but also computer games) is one of the most enjoyable things I can think of. And I’m not the only one with that mindset (Wil Wheaton, for example) and some take it to more of an extreme and some to less.

Yesterday I watched this lecture by Jane McGonigal about making games that have meaning, purpose and impact other than escapism. And in the section about testosterone, she quoted a study that explains that biologically. It says that when we win over someone we don’t know, our testosterone spikes and we’re more likely to assert dominance – rub it in their faces. When win over someone we know, our testosterone drops and we’re more likely to be nice and comforting – trying to make them feel better about themselves.

Maybe I caught on that subconsciously but I don’t like that feeling, when I have it but mostly when it’s directed at me. I enjoy the battle of wits, I enjoy the banter, I enjoy collaboration (which is why I always prefer cooperative to competitive) and players online tend to rush things, take a lot personally and mostly not be sportsmanlike and considering. And it’s very hard to talk to them or even get someone you can talk to.

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