The Last APOD Wallpaper Pack

I started making these packs a while ago because I found a lot of APOD images to be very high quality, quite beautiful, and a great addition to any wallpaper collection. I would go over each year’s images, filter out those that are good looking, conform to a standard 16:9 format (or can be mildly squashed/stretched to fit) or with a background that allows them to sit neatly with black borders, and collect them all in a special folder for wallpaper use.

I kind of fell off the wagon for a bit until a good friend of mine told me she likes it and wanted more of it. So I did more of them. Then, a ten years ago, said friend tragically died. That hurt, a lot, and I lost the passion for it. Then I realised that this past February would have been Keren Embar’s 46th birthday and this year we will be marking a decade of our loss. I’m crying now just thinking about it. Not just because she was a very meaningful friend and one of the best people I ever knew, but this was also a great loss for her doctorate field and could have done so much for science and our understanding of our environment. Just a glancing search for her name pulled up tens of papers, citations, and articles about her work, even though she just finished her PhD before she died.

I don’t think I’ll do more of these. But I wanted to do this, as another way of remembering her. So, here you go, the last APOD Wallpaper pack.

The 2024's February 13 APOD is a January Wolf Moon. I think it's appropriate.
The 2024’s February 13 APOD is a January Wolf Moon. I think it’s appropriate.

(This is a link to my Dropbox so I will guarantee it that this link won’t last long, hopefully at least until the end of the year.

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