Looking at My 2022 Steam Replay

First of all, going deeper into GamePass territory, using EGS more because of exclusives and always preferring to get my games from GOG, this might be the biggest chunk of my played games but it’s probably not even an absolute majority.

Like I thought, not a lot of games played, probably mostly because I was busy with a lot of other things so didn’t have a lot of time to invest in games. However, I did play a lot of demos, playthroughs of which can be seen on my YouTube channel.
Not at all surprising. With two big updates this year, I came back in force. I just love this game because it’s all about building and exploration. Now, with limited time expeditions and a more regimented plot, as well as Nexus Multiplayer Missions, and Settlement Management, there’s so much to do.
This is a bit surprising as I usually play games that are at least 1-2 years old. Thus are the challenges of limited budget and a huge backlog. So, quite interesting that 88% of the games I played on Steam actually came out this year.
Very much on brand for me. I love open world and survival and RPGs and rogue-likes. I don’t remember which ones specifically, but the two games mentioned at the start — No Man’s Sky and Just Cause 2 — are open world, action, and somewhat RPG-like. It is funny to think that what is probably my biggest open world game of the year, Assassin’s Creed Origins that I’m now wrapping up, I played on GamePass.
This is just funny. No title on this thing because it has been removed from the store. Good thing we have SteamDB. This is the Wandering Village Demo which I played quite a bit. Still haven’t found the place in my schedule to play the game to completion but I did quite love what I played.

And that’s it for Steam. I am working on my gaming summary of 2022 which I will probably record and post to YouTube later.

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