Today is 17 years since this blog went online.

It’s exactly 3 days after John Scalzi who, then, celebrated 24.

I, on the other hand, did maintain a simpler site I actually wrote in a website building software called Homesite and partly with Notepad (for the lulz) and which also functioned like a blog (before the word Blog was invented).

I don’t remember exactly when that site started but I was in high school. It was before 1998 so, theoretically, I win.

I don’t write here too often nowadays because for small thoughts and updates I have a Telegram Channel which I humbly request you follow and a Discord Server mostly about games but also other stuff that would be cool if you joined. For smaller thoughts and just random stuff, I use Twitter and sometimes Facebook but Facebook has been annoying me so much that I just abandoned the Sabre Runner page there and thinking about moving my review page back here.

That’s it. I try to overdo it here because I don’t want to blast your RSS feed (and, yes, you should still use it) with a lot of junk. I only post big things here like my thoughts on programming and game analysis.

See you, hopefully, here, before next year.

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