Global Game Jam 2016

7:19 – Soon, we will start. Feeling: Excited.

11:14 – Got there. Heard the keynote. Got the theme (No, not telling). Now Brainstorming.

11:42 – Getting to work.

00:31 – Home now. Was a busy day. The venue itself isn’t that great; the air conditioning is brutal, the separate spaces are nice but it’s tough to even stay properly hydrated. Took out the pup. Going to go to sleep soon.

10:51 – Back in the saddle again. 7 Hours to demo.

12:43 – Finished the basic system. Now starting to write content. The peckishness has begun. They said pizzas are forthcoming.

13:37 – Refueled and ready to go again.

18:14 – Wrapping up. Getting ready for the presentation.

20:34 – Presentations completed. Some really nice games. Mine felt inadequate. Maayan’s looked very nice. They both, one Twine based, one completely console, definitely turned some heads in a room mostly composed of Unity developers.

00:57 – Concluded with a family dinner at Maayan’s parents and a viewing of Gav HaUma. Now, finally, going to sleep. Tomorrow, a full workday awaits.

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