Quick Recap

Sunday, I went to monthly Game Night in Tel Aviv and tried to run The Human Factor. No one registered so I ended up running one Once Upon a Time game (Translated!) and then just moping about. I did, however, write an alternative progression system that kind of fits well for the Belief, Instinct, Goal section I want to add later so maybe that’s a bonus.

Monday was kind of a more normal day except for the power outages so we mostly sat around talking until the lights came on.

Tuesday we went to the Magnum Bar to build an ice cream stick and it was good. We also went to see the Mentos Popup Store but it wasn’t that interesting. We road around in Yarkon Park and stood at a bus stop talking to my brother. Then we went home, noshed some baked cabbage, watched Gav HaUma and went to sleep. Overall, I think that was very productive.

Wednesday, I did a lot of things at work. Maybe I do need to do 4 things at the same time to feel like I’m actually accomplishing anything. In the evening we went to see Fantastic Four. It was bad. We came home extremely late and crashed into bed.

Today, we’re going to the opening of the pet garden in memory of Keren. Will do my best to stay strong.

And now, I have to add a bit of sanity checking to my code so the new messaging system won’t toss out errors like there’s no tomorrow.

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