Now That I’m Slightly Back from the Brink of Death by Schoolwork…

Here are some recent updates.

As evident by yesterday’s post, I’ve passed the big test I had to pass and that’s a huge load off my mind. I’m still waiting on the last grade, my last assignment. On one hand, it’s a grade I feel much better about and could probably argue for it if it’s not high enough. But on the other hand, if I can’t get the grade that I want, I’m more screwed than with Computability.

I’ve had one job interview with a game company on Sunday and I have another today. I got some homework from the first company. A kind of demo of me being able to do what the company does. It’s an interesting request whose legality I still question. I mean, I am doing work for them and I’m not getting payed for it but, at this stage, I’ll do what I can to impress.

The next interview I have is for a company that is kind of big in the Israeli Game Development scene and I hope it goes well. Overall, having options is best.

I also have an interview lined up with Microsoft. And I know what they say about Microsoft but they do have great researchers and, stack ranking aside, if I do get accepted, I hope the team is good and I get some experience, at least.

In the mean time, I’m trying to get a job, trying to gain control of all the everyday monsters that grew more powerful over the past two months when I didn’t have time for them. So I need to read through all the news, really clean the apartment, rearrange some of it and get started (or continued) on some personal projects (including three games, one game system, one long form story and several short form).

That’s it for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll update about today’s interview.

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