Describe Her in Different Places

Adam said, in the 14th episode of Office Hours, take one character and describe her in a situation. And then, take the same character, don’t change anything about who she is and then describe her in a science fiction setting, in a space ship, in a 1920s horror game, or a fantasy adventure… So, let’s do that, just for fun.

“Liana, you say?” The bartender tells you. “She’s over there,” and he points to the corner to your left. A few game machines stand there and a single woman is standing over one of the pinball tables. She’s wearing tight black jeans and black combat boots. Strapped to her right thigh is a big empty holster. Like you, she deposited her weapon upon entry but, from the size of it, it’s obvious she carries a Predator. She wears a short leather jacket atop a tight black tee and strapped to her back is a slim, aerodynamic looking deck and while she plays the game violently, her motions still take it into consideration as she never bumps it or jostles it too much. Her red hair is long and sleek and falls over the right side of her face as the left side is shaved clean with a three pronged datajack above her left ear.

“Did you say something, Johnny?” She shouts back over the noise of the bar, never taking her eyes off the game, and you start wondering how the hell did she hear the bartender over the noise.

To be continued…

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