The End

This is an attempt at a new style of storytelling/gaming/roleplaying. This is, at its base, a Twine game-story but I want to build it based on user input. It starts with the first passage. I will add choices and passages based on user input. Please say so in the comments. Tell me which passage and what option would you like. Don’t feel bad but whenever the comments will get too numerous, they will be pruned.

Thank you for participating in my experiment. This is it. This is The End.

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  • Yaron says:

    I think an unrelated example from known literature would explain this wonderfully

    lets say you are reading Romeo and Juliet (before bedtime),
    and you reach the point where *Romeo somehow fails to check if the love of his life is still alive by all known means, if somehow there is still a chance to save her from the poison.

    And, just for the sake of sanit… I mean argument, you feel that this part is WRONG.

    well then if it was the Twine system you can ask Shakespeare to address why this is, maybe Romeo was drunk? or maybe he did something else like check for signs of life…

    Or maybe someone else then points out that the writer should be avoiding the whole scene because Juliet’s *father or one of his personal attendants would have made absolutely sure his daughter could not be saved in any way and would have likely discovered her ploy and then the wedding would have needed to be interrupted and romeo dies in battle and so on.

    That is the point of Twine system, all those annoying illogical inconsistent points get to be addressed, and at the same time, you get to argue what the character would do, and the writer aware of all the input adjust and writes accordingly.

    *a trainer and battle hardened fighter, who should know to look for any sign of life in apparently dead friends (such as checking if they are breathing by opening there mouth to see the uvula) because THAT IS HOW IT’S DONE BY JOBE

  • Ido says:

    actions for: the beginning
    1. I try to look as scary as I can so the man will pray on easier targets
    2. Check inventory
    3. I search the other bodies, what do I find?

    Am I doing this right?

    • Eran says:

      Better then most. But I prefer if you choose just the one thing you would like to do. In this case, I’ll pick the one thing that is feasible in these circumstances.

  • Eran says:

    Added 1 => 3.