Interesting on Steam

Let’s look at another week (more or less) of new things on Steam…

  • Pix the Cat – looks like a new 2D action game where you collect ammo and use it to shoot your enemies (or you buddies in multiplayer) and it kind of reminds me of Towerfall, as far as the basic loop is presented, but I’m not entirely sure. Available now for 10$.
  • Life is Strange – is an episodic story with a twist of a time-rewind mechanic. Considering it’s from the studio that made the critically panned Remember Me, it looks very interesting and very promising. Episode 1 is available now for 5$ or the season pass for 20$ (1$ discount per episode).
  • Besiege – seems, so far, as a simplistic physics based game about building siege engines and attacking castles. It doesn’t look like much right now but it’s just a very Early Access title right now.
  • Down to One – is a multiplayer only first person shooter but it seems like it’s playing on the hardcore angle and main idea is that 42 players go into a match, no respawns, and one player comes out. So it’s an interesting idea but is aiming in the entirely different direction than what I want from multiplayer games. Now in Early Acess.
  • Fahrenheit Remastered – is the HD remastered version of what is now, probably, the GOOD Quantic Dream game. Since I wanted to play it for forever now, here’s a good reason to bump it up the wishlist. Available now for 10$.
  • Towncraft – looks like a Minecraft to Simcity kind of game. You mine and craft and survive but your end goal is to build a thriving city. It looks interesting and definitely has potential. Coming in February.
  • Stay Dead Evolution – is a fighting game. But it’s full motion video. Yes, you read correctly. It looks like it’s mostly QTE based and, full video aside, seems very limited in scope but at least something worth a look. Coming on February 4th.

I think I’m enjoying doing this. It feels like I’m on the bleeding edge and I know about all the games before they go up on the news sites. Except, of course, if I’ve been reading development diaries for a while, like in TownCraft’s case. But still. What do you think?

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