This is an attempt at a new style of storytelling/gaming/roleplaying. This is, at its base, a Twine game-story but I want to build it based on user input. It starts with the first passage. I will add choices and passages based on user input. Please say so in the comments. Tell me which passage and what option would you like. Don’t feel bad but whenever the comments will get too numerous, they will be pruned.

Thank you for participating in my experiment. This is it. This is The End.

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That is, a solar station in space that converts the energy to microwave or laser and beams it to Earth. There are ways to mitigate the danger but let me remind you…

“Microwave Receiver Dish is very efficient, clean and reliable. Launch a satellite to collect solar power, then beam it down to Earth. Unfortunately, the effects of a mis-targeted beam are, as yet, unknown.”

SimCity 2000 Manual (pg. 35)

Moonbase Commander is an interesting take on turn-based strategy and is also dubbed The Best Game You Never Played. It looks like this can go a long way in friendly multiplayer. Available for 6$.

The Steam Controller is finally on sale. I never liked controllers. I find them limiting and annoying to use but this might be the first one I might actually enjoy using, if the game is not too complicated. Coming in November but preorders are available for 50$.

Sid Meier’s Pirates is an open world, exploration/trading action game set in the age of sail. And, in my head, at least, it’s vying for the position of Best Sid Meier Game Ever and the only real competition is Alpha Centauri. This is not a Civ-game. It’s personal, more action packed and full of tiny mini games (that might not be to everyone’s liking) to fill out this story of a path to glory. And, seriously, if you know it, I’m preaching to the quire and if not, quit stalling and play the damn game already. Available for 10$.

Ironcast is a matching game in the vain of Dungeon Raid where you match tiles in a connected line to get their individual effect. But in Ironcast you use that to power a steampunk mech as you defend England from invading armies. Not enough press but after seeing TotalBiscuit’s WTF, it seems like a small cool game. 10.5$ until April 2nd. Then 15$.

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Player Type

This is me. Don’t know what this means? Watch this talk.


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Ori and the Blind Forest is a new and gorgeous looking puzzle platformer which seems awfully cute to boot. And I’m also kind of partial to it because part of that distributed studio is Israeli. Available March 11th.

Guild of Dungeoneering looks like a procedural dungeon crawling RPG with card game elements. And it also has an interesting art style. Not much is known yet but it is starting to get some press and it could go very right. “Coming soon”.

 Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy looks, from first glance, like some one is trying to take the mantle of Homeworld into the new generation while also integrating some ideas from Sword of the Stars and very high quality graphics. But, coming from an unknown developer and trying to reignite a field that had, virtually, no great successor to Homeworld is risky and I can only hope it plays as great as it looks. Available June 4th.

Sid Meier’s Starships is starting to look like an Orion/SotS-esque top down 2D strategy add-on for Beyond Earth. It might come standalone but at that price, I doubt they put in a lot of effort into breadth. Available March 12th for 15$.

Sky Battles looks like Monster Hunter if it was about dogfighting and giant robots. So far, not a lot to go on but the premise seems cool. Coming this Quarter.

Shellshock Live looks like a colourful spastic reimagining of Scorched Earth. I’ll wait for more info before making a decision but I did love the old Scorched Earth. Coming in April.

This War of Mine – War Child Charity DLC is some added content for This War of Mine. It contains background art made by famous street artists. It’s beautiful. Why? Because it’s just cosmetic, you can choose to pay 1$, 10$ or 20$ for it (all packages are the same, otherwise) and all proceeds go to War Child charity. Available now.

Homefront – The Revolution is the sequel to the original Homefront that changed lots of hands during development and while I haven’t played the first one yet, it is highly regarded and high on my list. And the sequel looks even better. Not availability info yet.

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I got this idea from an article I just read. How Hardcore a game is determined by how Hardcore the average/median player is.

Meaning, if you pick a random or average gamer who plays said game, how serious he is about that game? How often do they play and how badly will they take it if the game changes or someone make light of playing it?

So, in my opinion, if you take an average Candy Crush, Angry Birds or maybe even Clash of Clans player and ask them those questions, you’ll probably get a player who plays once or twice a day for a few minutes while they have time to kill and if you change their game or break it they’ll probably shrug their shoulders and move onto the next one. Of course, there are outliers who take the game very seriously but they are the minority.

Then, if you take a game like League of Legends, Counterstrike, StarCraft or even Hearhstone, the average player is more likely to take their game very seriously, play for many hours every week and they take every change to the rules very seriously. They are rabid fans. So we call these games hardcore.

I know, not all people would consider Hearhstone hardcore and I actually think it might be split down the middle, which is what makes it more interesting.

Raptor – Call of the Shadows is one of the best top down scrolling shooters ever made. But you can get it on GOG DRM-free and I don’t see anything different about this version. Available now for 4.5$ (6$ on GOG).

Etherium seems like an RTS in the old fashion but, so far the world building seems kind of shit but it’s very pretty and we could always use another high-production-value RTS, as far as I’m concerned. Coming in 2015, pre-purchase for 27$.

Asteroids: Outpost is Asteroids. Except it’s not Asteroids. It’s a massively multiplayer, open world, 4X game? Somehow, this sounds like it can go very very wrong. “Coming Soon”.

 The Escapists is a dynamic, crafting-infused, prison break game that doesn’t look like much – I didn’t really think much of it at first – but it appears to hide a challenging and exhilarating experience of outwitting a very smart system. Available now for 18$.

Void Destroyer looks like it’s Battlezone if it was Homeworld. While that sounds cool in and of itself, their stylistic choices go way too far and the space combat itself doesn’t seem that exciting. Besides, when you call yourself “the best space combat sim ever made”, you’d better have some very convincing pluses over Privateer, Tachyon and Star/Freelancer. And it doesn’t. And if it’s a 3D RTS, it’d better be at least half as good as Homeworld, and it isn’t. Available now for 15$.

Running Shadow looks like a dungeon crawler if it was, well… a runner. It looks good and if it plays well, while not exactly my thing, I can see the audience for this. And it’s available now free to play so you can just try it and see what you think. Update: After trying it for a bit it seems rather simplistic and grindy. Then, again, I wasn’t expecting much more from it.

Shiftlings is a comedic puzzle platformer about two aliens connected by a cord that exchange farts with each other to become bigger and smaller on demand. It seems cute and harmless. Available March 3rd for 15$.

Sublevel Zero looks like Descent if Descent was a dungeon-crawling Rogue-like. It’s still a long way out but if they can ramp up the graphics somewhat, get in some interesting gameplay beyond the just shooting and if they can match the Descent AI… then I’m really looking forward to this. Coming in the Summer.

Social Justice Warriors is a game in the wake of the GamerGate phenomenon in which you try to tackle trolls and other people online. It’s an art game and mostly about conveying the feeling but I’m interested in at least trying it out. Available now.

Hidden Object Bundle 5 in 1 is a marketing disgrace. It’s a bunch of HOGs for just 9$ right now but I cringe at the description text. Look carefully: “Enjoy hidden object madness for 20 hours and don’t forget to present this bundle to your mom, sister, nanny, girlfriend, wife as they will definitely like it!” Did you get it? If not, then here it is again: “You’re a gamer on Steam so you’re male and maybe you like HOGs (don’t know why, but what the hell?) but your mom/sister/nanny(because gamers are obviously 12)/girlfriend/wife must absolutely love them so shove this at their faces!”. Well, to that I say, “Fuck you and your HOG bundle.”

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אתמול חזרנו מסוף שבוע ארוך באילת. המשפחה של מעין ונספחיה נסעו לאילת לפסטיבל הג’אז בים האדום – Extra Winter Edition!

אני פחות בקטע של הג’אז אבל יש מדי פעם מוזיקה שאני אוהב, כמו הקבוצה שראינו ביום שבת. שהיו כל כך טובים שמעין לא היססה לרגע מללכת לקנות את האלבום שלהם. ואני מסוגל להבין למה.



שתי ההופעות האחרות שראינו לא עשו עליי יותר מדי רושם. זאת אומרת, השלישייה הראשונה שראינו הייתה טובה ברגע שהוסיפו את המתופף אבל חוץ מזה, לא נורא התלהבתי.

אבל לא בשביל זה באתי. גם אם זה רק סוף שבוע, אני בא בשביל החברה, בשביל לבלות עם מעין ובשביל להצטרף לאירועים שכוללים את כל המשפחה המורחבת. אז למרות שהבאנו המון משחקים, לא שיחקנו אף אחד מהם. אבל כן ניהלנו המון דיונים, מוצארט טייל באילת וקצת התרחקנו מהשגרה. שזה תמיד טוב.

אלו היתרונות בלקום ממש מוקדם.

.’תמונת ‘להתראות אילת
.”אני קורא לזה “עקבה, גלעד וזריחה

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גרסה ראשונה של המשחק שלנו זמינה עכשיו בחנות הישראלית! ווהו!


אם יש לכם iPad3 או יותר טוב או iPad Mini 2 או יותר טוב, ואתם חובבים משחקי אסטרטגיה, אנא נסו ותגידו מה אתם חושבים. (התמיכה הכי טובה היא ל-iOS8 אבל יש גם ל-iOS7).

ויש גם קבוצה ב-Facebook.

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Just to make things clear, this is by order of appearance and should not advise anything about importance.

Republique is the critically acclaimed iOS game reminiscent of Experience 112 but better looking, better acted and probably better designed. Available on the 26th.

MyRPG looks like a piece of software for creating simple action RPGs without any coding. It seems a bit limited and not very diverse but who knows, maybe it’s the new GameMaker. Now in Early Access.

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow “is a dark point & click adventure”. What exactly does that mean? I don’t know. But the images are very H.R.Geiger-esque. Not sure what to think of this. Available March 4th.

Idol Hands is a new take on the god game and it looks cute if a bit simplistic. Available on the 18th.

Ascent – The Space Game is a sandbox space MMO game built by two guys. It’s very ambitious, very dense and, the alpha version I tried had some wonky controls. But if they fix that and get a good handle on the scope, this could, at least, be the poor-man’s Star Citizen/Elite: Dangerous/No Man’s Sky. Early Access on the 27th.

Paparazzi is a twitchy asymmetric action game about avoiding the Paparazzi and trying to get that great shot of the celebrity. Looks like it could be a lot of fun. Available on the 17th.

Offworld Trading Company looks like something I’ve been waiting for for a while, a Civilisation-style game but with no combat and a bigger focus on economy. Now in Early Access.

Hypen is a more-difficult-and-intense-than-it-seems puzzle game in which you navigate a spinning line through different obstacles. Not sure. Has potential for greatness. Available now for 8$.

GameGuru is another game maker for making first person shooters and first person RPGs and first person explorers and… that’s about it, really. It looks like a simple cut and paste kind of thing but, also, not very diverse. Early Access on March 2nd.

Sword Coast Legends looks like a reimagining of the original D&D CRPGs such as Baldur’s Gate and Temple of Elemental Evil with the Dungeon Master mode of Neverwinter Nights. Hopefully, the new take on the subject will make this old formula more fun than those previous. Available Q3.

Fermi’s Path is a 2D runner with a twist. Weird story aside, it’s got the slew of regular mechanics, it’s well implemented and looks good. If that’s your thing. Available in April.

Hatred is here just for consistency. I haven’t played Postal, though it is in my library, but the idea of a just-for-kicks serial murder simulator doesn’t appeal to me that much. And the art design makes it all even drearier. Available Q2.

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