This is an attempt at a new style of storytelling/gaming/roleplaying. This is, at its base, a Twine game-story but I want to build it based on user input. It starts with the first passage. I will add choices and passages based on user input. Please say so in the comments. Tell me which passage and what option would you like. Don’t feel bad but whenever the comments will get too numerous, they will be pruned.

Thank you for participating in my experiment. This is it. This is The End.

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Here’s another interesting article I came upon called Progression is the New Victory. It talks about how games are not really completed anymore and about how a game could be never ending and boring or never ending and fun, mostly dependent on the progression system.

And it got me thinking: I played some mobile games that are supposed to be never ending, or at least very long, and they couldn’t hold my attention for very long and here comes Star Wars: Uprising and I’m hooked. And, apparently, it’s not just because it’s a Star Wars game. They do progression well. Especially since the latest patch.

First of all, the missions might be repetitive but they are not sufficiently difficult that I am currently stuck on two that are too difficult for me.

So what do I do in the meantime? My second point, you can always do something. Even if I run one of the standard missions, I get a sizable reward out of it whether it be money or upgrade materials or equipment I can trade for money or salvage for upgrade materials. And while progression might be a bit slow, it doesn’t feel like much of a grind because I’m getting something appropriate to my position in the game. It’s not skinning 10 wolves for 100 gold pieces.

Thirdly, the crew. You amass crew throughout the game which you can send on independent missions. They gather money, materials, gear, faction support or other crew members and, if you want, you can just check in every day or every few hours and make sure they are busy. Busy getting you stuff and improving your situation. So, if I’m stuck, like I am now, I just do this for a few days and I’ve got better stuff to work with so I can progress further.

Fourthly, the Sector Battles offer great rewards, even just for participating. They happen every few days and twist the regular gameplay mechanics. Missions and crew runs can now contribute to your side of the battle. The more you play, the more you contribute, the better your position in the battle is and the better the rebels do against the empire. The better the outcome, the more you contribute, the greater the reward. But even if you put in the minimum – send your crew on runs, do a couple of missions – you still get something significant.

And, with the latest patch, they added Tier II equipment and materials which are much better than Tier I and take the game to another level.

So, this game makes me think that a game can, basically, have very standard gameplay and even repetitive content and mechanics; but if the progression is fine tuned, it could be great.

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Boogeyman looks like it’s trying to ride FNAF‘s coattails because it looks just about the same as FNAF 4. But so far, it’s getting positive reviews. 6.5$ in Early Access now.

Helldivers has been in development for a while, probably since Arrowhead abandoned the Magicka franchise and wrapped up Gauntlet. So, this looks like kind of the same thing except with big scifi guns. Yep. Count me in. Coming in December.

Crashlands is a Don’t Starve like experience but… in SPACE! And it looks whacky and just plain cool. The video explains it best. Coming early 2016.

Firewatch is a mystery story driven exploration game. There’s not a lot more than that to say except it looks very interesting. Coming February 10th.

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Current Status: Extremely busy.

We’ve had a stressful past few days at work. Lots of things getting more complicated than they should, deadlines being pushed and pretty much everyone staying late. Hopefully it will end soon because I haven’t really had a chance to write something and there’s an article about Game Progression vs Game Victory I would like to discuss.

In the mean time, I’ve been watching Adam Ruins Everything (and it’s awesome!) and I’ve been wondering, is it legal for employers in Israel to forbid employees to talk about their salary?

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This is usually the day we remember The Gun Powder Treason and Plot, a staple of civil disobedience and unrest. It is good to remember that it is not only our privilege but our duty to take responsibility for our state and how it’s run. And we’re not talking only about elections.

It is also the day I remember Yitzhak Rabin, now dead for two decades, who is still, in my opinion, the last decent leader we had in this country. And no one has yet been able to fill his shoes.

And this year, because the previous two were recurring topics of conversation between us, I remember Keren Embar. She wasn’t here last November too. I regret we can never have those conversations again.

I don’t have time or presence of mind to write any more but check past November 5th post for ramblings of the same nature.

Throutek sat on his bunk in their provided accommodations in the survivors’ retreat. It was spartan but serviceable. After all, it has been of service to the people here for going on twenty years. At the current time, he simply didn’t care. His mind was occupied. He never expected finding his grandfather will be easy. But he also never expected that when he did, it would be a grave. He lay down, commpad in hand and recorded the happenings of the last day in the captain’s log.

After Zimir and Jax investigated the engine piece, flew up to the bridge section further north. It was sunk in a river bed off the side of a small village punctuated by a tower. Found a graveyard with grandfather’s tombstone in it. Decided that he might be buried but the quest is not done. Still need to find out who he was and why he left.

Spotted movement in the village. Went there and found a big cat-looking thing called a Nexu. Fought it off and it ran away. Started exploring the village. It seemed to have been built quickly and abandoned years ago.

Continued to the main ship’s body. It was quite disassembled for parts. Climbed the ship and approached the bridge. Inside was dark but Jax provided light. Heard gut wrenching grinding noise from inside the bowls. Continued to the bridge. There were some B1 Battle Droid remains on the way. Found a well maintained toolbox in the entrance to the bridge. There was a flashlight inside so jury rigged the vibroknife power pack to power the flashlight. Further down the hall was a gap in the floor. Trip tried to jump it but fell in the water below. Pulled him back up and gave him some medical treatment. Then Naritt used the vines to fashion a rope bridge across the gap. Made it to the other side and the sensors engineering section where Trip found an old vibroknife just before all the lights lost power.

Decided to get away from the ship for the mean time. Heard the sounds of an incoming YT-2400. Then encountered another Nexu cat-thing and scared it off. Went outside the ship and saw the freighter land. Trandoshans and Rodians stepped out. Same guys we encountered at the station.

Went out to meet them but then some creatures came out of the river with boats tied to their back. Inside were representatives of the Sa-Nalaor crew with Captain Harsol at the helm. Asked him about grandfather. Harsol took it as an insult, said he betrayed them. I said that this is a stain on my family name and I, at least, need to make amends. We were led to their retreat where a discussion arose about us, the other group, what to do and whether they should kill us and/or hitch a ride out of the system. Ended up staying the night in a cabin in their compound. Cratala, an Arkanian voice of reason, said she’ll try to find out about grandfather and also calm the populous down.

Throutek closed his commpad. It will sync with the Honey Badger’s on board computer when they were back in range. He was kind of worried about leaving the ship out there all alone but no one comes to this system any way and the wildlife will probably ignore it. For a day, at least. Right now, he was more worried about his grandfather’s legacy. He didn’t even know the man in person and he was already starting to fear his entire goal might be misguided. Maybe he should have listened to his family. Maybe he should have stayed home. Maybe he should try to be more like other Chiss.

His thoughts faded as he lay there wondering in the dark until at last, he fell into a somewhat restless and dreamless sleep.

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Descent: Underground… It’s Back!… It looks like a bunch of fans gathered together, got the license and are now bringing Descent back from the dead. And, hell, if it’s going to be as cool as Descent, as fun as Descent II and as smart as Descent3, I’m in. They even call themselves, Descendent Studios. I see what you did there. Now on early access for 25$.

And, apparently, so is Aquanox, in Aquanox Deep Descent. There’s nothing much about it yet except saying it’s a reimagining of the original series and a return to the world. I haven’t played the originals but I was lead to believe they are pretty good shooters. Coming in 2017.

Rocket League – Back to the Future Car DLC just because I have to. I might want to actually play the game now…

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שבוע שעבר, יום שבת ליתר דיוק, חגגנו, מעין ואני, את היותנו נשואים חמש שנים וביחד כבר שש. לא עשינו משהו נורא גרנדיוזי; רק את הדבר שאנחנו בדרך כלל אוהבים לעשות – לבלות אחת בחברת השני.

וגם לא כתבתי על זה עד עכשיו כי לא הרגשתי שיש לי משהו ממש לכתוב. מבחינתי, זה עוד יום בחיים שלנו. יום שצריך לציין כי סיבה לחגוג זה תמיד טוב. אבל… זה פשוט לא מרגיש כמו כל כך הרבה זמן. זה מרגיש כאילו רק אתמול היא עבדה ואני לא, כאילו רק שלשום אספנו את מוצארט מצער בעלי חיים, כאילו רק לפני שבוע היינו צפופים בדירת חדר וחצי במעונות הזוגיים של הטכניון ורק קצת לפני ארזנו את עצמנו לקפיצה זריזה לקפריסין ועמדנו מול שתי נשים זרות לנו לחלוטין אבל שערכו לנו טקס משמעותי יותר ממה שכל רבי היה יכול לספק.

וחוץ מזה, אני לא ממש רואה את זה כסוג של Achievement Unlocked. חמש שנים, אם כבר משתמשים באנלוגיה של משחק מחשב, צריך להיות כמו הסיום של האזור הראשון, משהו שכל מי שמתחיל עושה. דברו איתי אחרי 10, 20 ו-40. למה? כי, מבחינתי, להיות עם מעין זה קל. זה משהו שאני עושה כמו לנשום. זה משהו שאם אני אפסיק לעשות אז על הדרך אני כנראה גם אפסיק לנשום.

אז כן, חמש שנים וכל זה. נדבר שוב עוד חמש.

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Smite is the third biggest MOBA of them all and some say it is the most interesting. I haven’t played it myself but I’ve heard it called more accessible, easy to manage and more fun to play than DOTA2 or League of Legends. It’s free as per usual but now you can have it with Steam achievements.

Mars Colony: Frontier looks like a serious simulation of martian colonisation. Its tags also include RPG and Adventure so I hope it won’t be a NASA level serious simulation but something arcady enough and more enjoyable. Available now for 10$.

Space Xonix is… pretty much like it sounds. It’s Xonix but in space. And completely bonkers. You claim territory just like in Xonix but then there are lasers and fireballs and lava and… just watch the video. Available now for 2$.

Transformers: Devastation is a very colourful spectacle brawler starring our favourite set of Autobots and Decepticons and while all of these games always look like a kind of “mash buttons for glorious mass murder” simulator, it is so far getting great reviews from whomever plays it and I still have an affection for Transformers, even after Michael Bay. Coming Soon.

Velocity Stream is an interesting concept of a space-like racer with crazy tracks because it is one player’s job to lay down those tracks in real time as the race progresses. I can think of a few problems with this but the idea is neat. I’ll wait for reviews. Available now for 15$.

Alien Robot Monsters looks like Kingdom Rush with a space theme but I like space and Kingdom Rush was awesome. But I’ll wait for more opinions. Available now for 6$.

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אז טלגרם מנסים להיות טוויטר ואני בודק איך זה יכול לעבוד.

אם יש לכם טלגרם, אפשר לעקוב אחרי עדכונים תכופים יותר כאן.

עוד לא יודע איך לשלב את העדכונים האלו פה אבל בטוח מישהו יוציא תוסף בקרוב.

Came into the Cholganna system and nearly ran into an asteroid field but got ahead of it. Found some energy signatures on the surface and floating droid craft debris. Ancient things, Clone Wars age fighters and bombers. Which make me wonder what really happened to the Sa Nalaor. She obviously didn’t just run aground.

Sensors detected the planet was about to be eaten by a nebula so we buttoned down the hatches and headed down. Landed on a beach in the equator. Tasted the atmosphere, squashed the sand and then took off in search of energy signatures.

Found a downed escape pod and something else on the other side of the planet. Took it down next to the escape pod. Trimmed the trees a bit but nothing too bad. Found a cloud of green insects outside. As they started biting, I ran for the escape pod. Trip lit up a stick and started waving it about. Naritt lip up the canopy. Jax fired into the cloud. Zimir ran back to the ship. Green things annoyed me but I went in. Found the pod’s designation: 34-BESH.

Zimir came up with the great idea to fire up the ship’s thrusters to burn all the insects. It worked, they all blew away. We found glowing green things stuck to the inside of the pod. Because of the hurry, I tried to pull the memory core but couldn’t get it. But it did become obvious that this fits the description of a Sa Nalaor escape pod. As we head back to the ship, a huge Guf Drolg came out of nowhere and hit Jax. Fired at it with both blasters but in haste, I missed. Luckily, it was enough to scare it off. We took off and headed for the second energy signature. After passing through several debris fields, found a big chunk of what is probably a ship stuck in the river. So we landed on the shore.

Throutek quickly closed the log, having not even bothered sitting down at the console. He picked up his backpack, joining in stride to the rest of the crew shuffling off from the Badger and palmed the door switch after everyone finally stepped off.

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