Day 14-15: Ice Cream is Actually Kind of Fine

I still feel kind of stuffed most of the time and I think I’m eating well underneath the average calorie requirement for the day. Weight has actually stayed quite the same as before. I have been quite tired lately, just crashing when I get home. Though, yesterday, I can probably explain it with a sugar crash. It was happy hour at work and I did have one ice cream cone. I saw it’s only 22% carbs. Which is not great but not horrible. The bitter chocolate I have is more than that. Though it was still 11g of sugar so that was probably overwhelming to my system right now.

This weekend, there is a lot of meat in my future.

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Day 13: Stress at Work is Done

The thing is working and I think we all deserve a cookie. A very low carb, tasty cookie. Anyway, I decided to aim low on yesterday’s lunch and just bought a bunch of cold cuts, a pepper, a cucumber, and an avocado. And I didn’t eat the avocado. At home, I hate a couple strips of chicken, a handful of peas, and my bread with cheese.

I woke up today still feeling stuffed. Maayan told me to just eat the Avocado for lunch. I’ll probably still get another meat-like device but I think I’ll do what she says. She’s still planning on making burgers, I think.

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Day 11-12: Stress at Work Continues

Why is that pertinent? Because I had ice cream and I felt like I really needed it. Also, I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling stuffed. Meaning I’ve been eating too much at dinner. I don’t like that feeling. Makes me think about the hunger/life-expectancy experiments and maybe I should get used to being slightly hungry and skipping the idea of a standard meal.

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Day 9-10: Just a Weekend

Just staying at home as Maayan went to see her friends. Had a big salad, a bag of Schwarma and not much else. Did watch Morbius with a batch of Popcorn yesterday. Still conflicted about it. Popcorn is kind of carbohydrate rich but considering how filling it is… I don’t now.

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Day 7-8: My Stomach Has Shrunk

For the last few days it feels like my stomach has shrunk three sizes. Right now, if I have a big enough lunch, I can barely eat anything for dinner. Yesterday I ate two slices of sausage for breakfast which held me almost to lunch, had two vegi-schnitzels and two sausages for lunch, a handful of pistachios, and three actual schnitzels and a slice of bread for dinner. And that made me a bit stuffed. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but I’m almost never actually hungry during the day now.

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Day 6: Doing an Experiment

Found, among the various things I can order for lunch, a salad that comes with a burger. Added omelet on top and it was a nice lunch. Stole some salad and kebab from coworkers and then I ended up with some bread and cheese for dinner.

The point is I ordered two lunches (which was kind of cheap per) and saved one for tomorrow. That’s how I order cheaply and get over the order minimum.

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Day 5: A Bit Bad

I totally lost control yesterday and… at an icecream cone. I’m telling you, this job is having a bad effect on me. 馃槢

There were also Kabukim so I had a handful of that. But I did eat my salad. Today I’m thinking about ordering lots of meat for lunch and then saving some for tomorrow.

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Day 3-4: I’m Good

Made salads, cooked meats, made an omelet, loafed another loaf (with cocoa powder and some sweetener) and I’m feeling pretty good. If a bit tired.

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Day 2: I’m Bad

I had a piece of cake and an ice cream cone. I’m slightly ashamed of myself. But only slightly. It was Happy Thursday at work. They just bring in a lot of good food to eat together. I couldn’t help it!

But I skipped dinner. Back to salads and meat for the weekend. I also need to make more bread.

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Day 1: Somewhat Struggling

First day of trying to go hardcore low-carb again.

Maayan offered me a very good looking pasta yesterday. I took a couple of tomatoes. I made chicken salad for dinner and decided that I’m going to stick to a little meat and mostly vegetables in every meal. At work I mostly nosh peanuts and fruit.

I need to put more olive oil in my salads too.

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