Flash Fiction February 03: Heart

We all know the story of the Grinch, right? An evil little bastard who hated Christmas in Whoville? Do you remember how the Whos’ cheer and joy upset his shriveled heart and made him want to still their presents and ruin their holiday?

Well, that’s the story they like to tell. They wouldn’t tell you about the poor creature who was just so different that people couldn’t stand the look of him, bullied him, and pushed him away. Add to that a hearing disorder called Misphonia.

Oh, you haven’t heard of that one? Think about how you felt when you first heard nails scratching a blackboard or a car with worn out breaks. Imagine having that feeling almost all the time. That would make someone uncomfortable, don’t you think? A tad annoyed? Maybe even drive an anger-fueled revenge plot, just to make the noise stop?

But the Whos don’t care. They just wanted their toys back. They didn’t just sing in the end. Well, maybe a few of them did, as a call for help. But not all Whos were juvenile accepters of reality. Some of them were devious. Some of them were chemists.

And that end of the story? The Grinch didn’t return the presents of his own accord. One Who snuck up to his lair and poisoned his coffee. His heart grew three sizes, burst from the pressure, and the Grinch lay there, no outside markings. And do you think the other Whos cared? No. That one chemist told them he got the Grinch to give the presents back. No need to go up that mountain and check. You’ve got what your hearts desire.

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