Describe Her in Different Places

Adam said, in the 14th episode of Office Hours, take one character and describe her in a situation. And then, take the same character, don’t change anything about who she is and then describe her in a science fiction setting, in a space ship, in a 1920s horror game, or a fantasy adventure… So, let’s do that, just for fun.

Liana walked into the cockpit. Her dark, mat, body armour catching the lights of the warning diodes. She cocks and then folds her long arm rifle before slinging it back into its right shoulder holster. Her red N7 insignia, just perturbing over her left breast plate, said she wasn’t the one to take shit, or no or impossible or, basically, anything from anybody. Her flowing red hair was pinned to the sides of her head to keep out of her face but was left loose in the back. She tapped a few times on the orange multitool on her left arm before letting it fade away into her vambrace.

“Specter command says we have about 30 minutes before the defense grid goes up and we’re blocked out,” She says as she leans over your chair, pilot, holding the overhead panel to stabilise herself during the descent. “Can you get us in that fast without alerting anybody?”

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