Working for Seven Elements Studios

First of all, despite the fact I’m leaving, there is no ill will. I do not regret the last two and a half years. I mean, there were a few moments that I wouldn’t mind not happening but I do consider it time well spent. I did learn a lot. I believe I made some good friends. I evolved my skills.

And while I do have some issues with the design and production flow over there, and I would definitely have made some different decisions when it comes to gameplay (Yes, also with an eye to monetisation) but I’m still willing to bet on their success. I just think that a live worldwide game with a few thousand users is still no excuse for the stress and crunch that goes on.

I only told everyone I was leaving after the deal has been set and sealed. I didn’t want to get leverage for better conditions. I wanted something new. So, instead of a back and forth negotiations, I got my managers’ opinions about my decided move.

We talked about career progression. When I came to the company and when I talked to Tal, it was almost always with an eye on professional evolution. I might not want to be a manager but I still want to lead. I want to be in charge of direction and vision and convention. But that will not happen in Seven Elements. And it will probably take time to get there in Compedia (or maybe in the next company) but, most of all, I do not consider this move a step backwards. I consider it a step forward. In technology, in my well being, in my march towards my ultimate dream of self fulfillment and self direction.

In Compedia, I plan to learn the tech, get professional at it, hopefully do some great things with it, get to know the educational side of the industry, maybe even pursue a second degree in education, who knows? This could be a whole new frontier which has yet to be properly explored.

It’s exciting.

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  • Yaron says:

    \m/ \m/
    i do hope you still read the book assignments from 7e
    they strike me as “good to know” weather agree or not
    and good luck man, I will miss you