Interesting Things on Steam

Smite is the third biggest MOBA of them all and some say it is the most interesting. I haven’t played it myself but I’ve heard it called more accessible, easy to manage and more fun to play than DOTA2 or League of Legends. It’s free as per usual but now you can have it with Steam achievements.

Mars Colony: Frontier looks like a serious simulation of martian colonisation. Its tags also include RPG and Adventure so I hope it won’t be a NASA level serious simulation but something arcady enough and more enjoyable. Available now for 10$.

Space Xonix is… pretty much like it sounds. It’s Xonix but in space. And completely bonkers. You claim territory just like in Xonix but then there are lasers and fireballs and lava and… just watch the video. Available now for 2$.

Transformers: Devastation is a very colourful spectacle brawler starring our favourite set of Autobots and Decepticons and while all of these games always look like a kind of “mash buttons for glorious mass murder” simulator, it is so far getting great reviews from whomever plays it and I still have an affection for Transformers, even after Michael Bay. Coming Soon.

Velocity Stream is an interesting concept of a space-like racer with crazy tracks because it is one player’s job to lay down those tracks in real time as the race progresses. I can think of a few problems with this but the idea is neat. I’ll wait for reviews. Available now for 15$.

Alien Robot Monsters looks like Kingdom Rush with a space theme but I like space and Kingdom Rush was awesome. But I’ll wait for more opinions. Available now for 6$.

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  • Yaron says:

    Alien Robot Monsters strikes me as a bad ripoff of kingdom rush, although it could be a greatly modified formula – need to play it to be sure either way

    Even at 2$ I’m not sure I would play Xonic, i’m not sure if it’s because of the pace of gameplay i am getting from the video or what but something about it strikes me as somehow off…

    Velocity Stream is… not interesting enough as a concept from what I saw – when you build a track you want to be thoughtful, and while emerging design is interesting i don’t see them adding “effects” you can build into, like deliberately going into a meter shower, or giving more then one path to the driver – single tracks are better for roller coasters, even in races like the prix you have the grass in the inner circle that you can drive on it’s just really stupid most of the time – but it’s the times that it isn’t that are the most interesting…maybe if the main ship had 2 buttons that could add the equivalent of grassland to the track, either on the left or right then it would more appeal to me