Interesting Things on Steam

The Flock is an asymmetric “shooter” in which everyone plays a member of the flock trying to get an artifact, mark some beacons and survived without getting eaten by the other members of the flock before the round ends. It’s a rather basic gameplay loop and rather short rounds but the gimmick of the game is the limited population. Every time a member of the flock dies, a counter ticks down. When it ticks down to zero, the game will cease to function. It’s an interesting premise of planned obsolescence — as the developers put it, every multiplayer game winds down after a year or two, we’re just actively planning for it — and it kind of negates the idea of buying it later for very cheap. Right now, the responses are pretty mild with some even claiming this is not interesting enought to get enough players to play it for long enough to actually see the counter reach zero. My current stance on it is that I don’t really play multiplayer only games and this one does seem to be very light on content. It’s out now.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is dubbed “The Citizen Kane of Super Crate Box Clones”. If you don’t know Super Crate Box, go right ahead. (You might also want to check out Muffin Knight). I’ll wait… Back? Good. From what is currently available, it does look like they’re taking it another step further, with more interesting weapons, special boss monsters, more level variety and distinct visuals. Since I like Super Crate Box games, and I know Maayan loves Muffin Knight, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Now in Early Access.

Eon Altar is… well… read this short comic. Ok? With me so far? So, Eon Altar looks like it’s the first game in 3 fucking years to actually take an idea like D&D U and run with it to its logical end. And since I’ve been waiting 3 fucking years for someone to implement such a revolutionary, innovative and yet so simple of an idea (I’m not counting Fable Legends. That’s a half-step and it’s not even half playable yet), I’m going to gobble this one right up. Now on Early Access for only 5 measly bucks. Fuck it, I’m buying this.

Goliath looks like a stylised, isometric, spectacle action RPG. Except it’s steampunk. And has giant robots in it. And while it’s not exactly my niche, it does look quite cool and interesting and… well… giant robots. Coming in Q1 2016.

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  • עודד says:

    I think proclaiming oneself as “The Citizen Kane of…” is hubris on level that has to be applaud (or ridiculed, whatever).