Interesting on Steam

Moonbase Commander is an interesting take on turn-based strategy and is also dubbed The Best Game You Never Played. It looks like this can go a long way in friendly multiplayer. Available for 6$.

The Steam Controller is finally on sale. I never liked controllers. I find them limiting and annoying to use but this might be the first one I might actually enjoy using, if the game is not too complicated. Coming in November but preorders are available for 50$.

Sid Meier’s Pirates is an open world, exploration/trading action game set in the age of sail. And, in my head, at least, it’s vying for the position of Best Sid Meier Game Ever and the only real competition is Alpha Centauri. This is not a Civ-game. It’s personal, more action packed and full of tiny mini games (that might not be to everyone’s liking) to fill out this story of a path to glory. And, seriously, if you know it, I’m preaching to the quire and if not, quit stalling and play the damn game already. Available for 10$.

Ironcast is a matching game in the vain of Dungeon Raid where you match tiles in a connected line to get their individual effect. But in Ironcast you use that to power a steampunk mech as you defend England from invading armies. Not enough press but after seeing TotalBiscuit’s WTF, it seems like a small cool game. 10.5$ until April 2nd. Then 15$.

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