Corporate Hijacking

Microsoft has been recently accused of trying to hijack another company’s private property, NoIP’s DNS service. While that is definitely not a good thing, if looked at just on its own, it is important to remember that Microsoft is, currently, one of the biggest and more active players in the fight for internet security and safety. They are running multiple operations to take down botnets and disable malware running systems all over the globe.

So, dear legal system, don’t let a company order another company to hand over property but let’s try and do accommodate the, maybe self-appointed, sheriff trying to bring order to this wild west country we call the internet even if they do need a slap on the wrist every once in a while to figure out how to actually get things done properly.

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  • Oded says:

    Vigilantism is frowned upon in modern society. Fighting crime is a job for the police, however poorly equipped they are to handle that.

    • Eran says:

      I do agree that some form of proper channels should be followed but I do believe that if these procedures were left solely in the hands of police officers, we will be overrun with bots and malware.

      • Nihau says:

        or the police will eventually open a special department for cyber crimes.
        vigilantism done by companies with obvious economic interests, dubious motives and questionable ethics, is not a solution.