14 years

This blog has been around 14 years.

I celebrate that birthday 3 days after John Scalzi’s Whatever and 3 days before Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I haven’t felt much creativity or ability to write here for a while but this is my home on the web and no one can take it away from me (except my brother. Which I hope will never mind hosting it).

I think I should write here more. I’ve got a few ideas. I’ve been trying to write about my work, about cool solutions I find, and about other stuff that cross my mind. I try to be on Twitter more because communities but 280 characters is a nasty limitation. And I hate Twitter threads.

More people should have their own website. I would rather just subscribe to an RSS than rely on Twitter or Facebook to let me know what my friends are up to.

I promise there will be more soon.

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