Describe Her in Different Places

Adam said, in the 14th episode of Office Hours, take one character and describe her in a situation. And then, take the same character, don’t change anything about who she is and then describe her in a science fiction setting, in a space ship, in a 1920s horror game, or a fantasy adventure… So, let’s do that, just for fun.

You were told you were going to get assistance on this run, whether you liked it or not. But you didn’t really expect this. The beat up Studebaker Dictator comes rumbling to a stop near the entrance to the mansion and you can see inside, a red headed women picking up a revolver from the passenger seat, checking its contents and then holstering it. She comes outside, bends in to pick up her fedora. She lays it on top of the roof while she ties her hair back before putting it on her head. She brushes her long brown leather duster away from the closing door and turns to look at you.

“So, you’re the bozos stupid enough to attempt to clean up the Hardy catacombs? John said you could use some help. I’m Liana. There are some nasty things down there, I hear. So I brought my special friend.”

She smiles and walks to the back of the car, opens the trunk and fiddles inside. She slings something over her shoulder and as she closes the trunk you can see what it is. It’s definitely a weapon of some sort. You can tell by the elongated design with the grip on one side and… five barrels on the other. It’s looks heavy but Liana seems to handle it well with one hand on the grip and the other on some kind of tacked on metal handle on top of the barrel assembly that was installed there for human use.

“Let’s go smoke some nasties,” She says as she starts walking towards the estate.


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