Procedural/Rift – Done!

I have officially completed my degree’s personal project. The report has been sent, approved and the code has been released.

It was an interesting and fun to work on but now I need to let it go. Firstly, because I have another huge project to work on. And secondly, when I work on my game, I’d rather start with a clean slate and not work on some one else’s code base.

I have linked the project publicly. It is now in my Projects base, under Gaming. Everything is there. The code, the documentation, everything. If everyone wants to take a look at it, they can. They can also read about exactly what I did. It’s all there for developers. If you want to play it, I have no plan to compile it myself right now because this is a tech demo more than it is a game and its very awkward to use without the Oculus Rift.

But if you have the Rift, or even if you just have a Unity Editor and want to see it, please check it out and leave me a comment.

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