Digital Copies of House Keys

אני מסוגל להבין את הקלות של לבוא למכונה, לתת לה לסרוק מפתח ואז לקבל עותק מדויק בחזרה.

אבל אני היחידי שמודאג מהיכולת של המכונה לשמור את הסריקה של המפתח לשימוש עתידי?

אני מקווה שעוד מישהו חשב על זה, בתקווה מישהו בצוות שבנה את המכונה, ודאג להגן על המאגר שלה ככל האפשר כולל מחיקה מיידית של כל המידע אם מישהו מנסה לפרוץ אליה.

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  • Nihau says:

    it would be the same as finding a key on the road… without knowing the right door it would be pointless.
    or it would be like stealing the key or copying it in soft soap.
    I saw how 3D scanners work, it takes forever.
    I think 3D printers will need to come a long way to get to the point where it is faster to scan and print a second copy of your key than to just cross the street to the nearest DIY store and have it duplicated with pantograph or something like it.

    you should be more worried about the little things that will kill small businesses’ economy, although like paper books there will remain a public understanding that to get quality stuff you need to buy it professionally made, to get single use recyclable tools you will print them.
    this about it- why else would anyone buy Bosch drills when they can get any other cheaper brand.

    • Eran says:

      3D printers are getting more and more advanced every year. Some of them can also print in metal. The idea here is accessibility and the ability of the machine to save the scan and then print without the original. I will assume there is a way to identify the owner of a scan and thus an inventive cracker could be able to track down the correct house.

      I’m not really worried about small businesses because the barriers of entry are dropping all the time. Hell, I plan on starting a small business. And paper books can now be printed on demand, in exactly the same fashion and idea as the key duplicating machine.
      And yes, professionals will get their own high quality tools but for me, I will prefer to rent or even print a cheap replacement for that time I need one.

      • Nihau says:

        paper printers and scanners probably can save their input for a while- I have never heard of a printer stollen or hacked to obtain documents. if it does not happen with confidential docs on a public printer why should it happen with keys or other small objects?

        for it to really cause harm it needs malicious intent and proper planning- and then the device becomes a convenience but not a necessity- the criminal can always use old ways instead of new, all are easy enough.

        if you want to open your own small business you are in for an adventure- good luck and wish you lots of success.

        • Eran says:

          I think this device make it a hell of a lot more convenient than play-dough to copy something worth much more than some documents. That’s what worries me.

          I know the average person has a very low chance of suffering from this but this is another surface of attack.