Geppetto’s Dungeon23: Floor 1

The first month of using ChatGPT to fill in the #Dungeon23 challenge.

1. Entrance (95%)

The entrance to the dungeon is a large stone door carved into a cliff face. It’s covered in strange symbols and depicts twisted, grotesque creatures with many limbs and many eyes. Many chains criss cross the door and several heavy locks secure it closed. When a creature moves closer to it, the symbols begin to glow and pulse with a strange energy. The sound of whispers can be heard coming from the other side of the door, tempting the adventurer to unlock it and explore the strange world within.

2. Keeper (60%)

The room is a circular chamber with high, arched ceilings. The walls are made of rough stone and glow with a soft, eerie light. In the center of the room is a large stone pedestal, upon which rests a glowing crystal orb. The orb emits a pulsing energy that makes the air around it feel charged and alive. Strange markings and symbols are etched into the walls and floor, and the room is eerily silent except for the faint hum of magic in the air. The room gives off an aura of immense power, and it’s clear that something important is kept here.

The crystal orb is a powerful magical artifact that serves as a key to unlock other areas of the dungeon. It stores and projects magical energy and it’s also a knowledge sphere. It is used throughout the dungeon as a means to access other areas, like a missing lever in a control panel. Using it requires intense mental focus and is taxing on the user. It returns to its pedestal whenever no one carries it for more than a full day.

The circular chamber has two exits, a door on the opposite side of the room from the entrance and a small opening in the ceiling. The door is made of heavy stone and is secured by powerful magic. The orb’s light gets brighter when moving towards it, unlocking it within 1 meter. The small opening in the ceiling looks like an air vent. It’s a shortcut to another part of the dungeon but it’s also filled with traps and other dangers.

3. Transition (85%)

The room beyond the door is a long, narrow chamber, lit by flickering torches mounted on the walls. The walls and floor are slick with moisture, and the air is thick with the sound of dripping water echoing from somewhere deep in the dungeon. A deep chasm runs down the center of the room, and a narrow stone bridge spans the gap. The walls of the chasm are covered in thick vines and strange, glowing mushrooms. On the far side of the room, there is a massive stone door, etched with mysterious symbols. A sense of unease fills the air, as if something sinister waits beyond the door.

Upon closer inspection, the massive stone door is covered in intricate carvings and symbols, pulsing with a strange energy. The door is protected by powerful magic, and it will only open with the Keeper close by projecting a series of challenging puzzles. The symbols etched into the door hold clues to the puzzles.

4. Chasm (90%)

The bottom of the chasm is shrouded in darkness and difficult to see from the narrow bridge above. However, the sounds of shuffling and scratching can be heard echoing up from below. The air is musty and damp, and the walls of the chasm are covered in a thick layer of moss and ferns. Strange, phosphorescent fungi provide the only source of light, casting eerie shadows across the chasm floor. There is nothing else here and it’s clear that the bottom of the chasm is not a safe place to linger.

5. Collection (90%)

The dungeon room you have stumbled upon is a dimly lit chamber, with walls made of rough-hewn stone that are slick with moisture.

Along one of the walls, there is a collection of odd trinkets and artifacts that seem to have been gathered from all corners of the world. There is a rusting suit of armor with a helmet that has been shaped into the likeness of a dragon’s head, a small statue made of what appears to be obsidian but constantly changes color, a set of ancient tomes bound in human skin, and a strange musical instrument that you cannot identify.

In the far corner of the room, there is a single exit, but it is guarded by a bizarre monster. It has multiple arms, each ending in a different weapon, and eyes that are constantly shifting color. It appears to be partially constructed from metal and stone, and is emitting a low growl that sets your teeth on edge.

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