Delegating #Dungeon23

I decided I don’t really have the bandwidth to handle this challenge along with everything else this year, so I’m going to delegate it to ChatGPT, or Geppetto from now on. So, I’m going to keep the current entries but restart with Geppetto being my writer and me just being the Editor-in-Charge. I will give them an outline, and I will make sure the entries are grammar correct and not nonsense but most of the work will done by the bot. Let’s see what we have at the end of the year. Every entry will have a percentage attached to it, designating how much of it is actually Geppetto. The more I have to edit or add to it, the less it’ll be.

Also, to keep from flooding the blog with a ton of entries very quickly, I will have every month in their own entry and bump it at the end of the month.

New entries coming over the weekend. Hopefully. It depends on Geppetto’s availability which isn’t 100%.

P.S. I think I’m going to stop using categories and switch to tags only. Let’s see how it goes.

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