Dungeon23: 11. The Bile Basin

Dungeon23 is a writing/drawing project for 2023 to write/draw one dungeon room every day with the purpose of having a mega-dungeon by the end of the year. Just look up #Dungeon23.

The Scene


  • This room is dark although some dim faraway lights can be seen through the walls.
  • The 10. The Channel empties right above the center.
    • The cieling is 2 meters up but the fall counts as higher according to how hard they were pushed down.
      • None: Just 2 meters.
      • Low: 4 meters.
      • Medium: 6 meters.
      • High: 10 meters.
  • At the center and filling most of the room is a pool of acid that’s strong enough to burn clothing after a few seconds of exposure.


  • The sounds in here are like an upset stomach every once in a while.


  • The air here is awfully sour and stinging both nose and mouth.


  • The walls are moist.



  • There is a hidden entrance in the acid pool that requires swimming through it to find.
  • Other than that, the walls are permeable and lead to another chamber.


  • Everything except the cieling and the floor cuts easily and leads to another chamber.

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