Dungeon23: 7. The Basement of the Heart

Dungeon23 is a writing/drawing project for 2023 to write/draw one dungeon room every day with the purpose of having a mega-dungeon by the end of the year. Just look up #Dungeon23.

The Scene

The way back leads to 5. The Shaft


  • The next room down in the shaft is a strangely lit corridor.
    • The walls look slicker and plumper as the shaft descends.
    • The lights in the corridor seem to come from within the walls and they are each of different colors, intensity and flicker frequency.


  • Sounds of fluids emanate from the walls.
  • Walking on the floor generates squishing sounds.


  • Everything smells of bodily fluids.


  • Every surface is squishy and sticky and warm.


  • Every surface has a non-salty skin taste.
    • Almost no taste except it’s disgusting.


Timeframes + Triggers

  • Every 10 seconds

Complications + End

  • A bone chilling scream comes from down the shaft.
    • Everyone makes a low sanity check.
      • Those who fail take 2 stress damage.

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