Dungeon23: 5. The Shaft

Dungeon23 is a writing/drawing project for 2023 to write/draw one dungeon room every day with the purpose of having a mega-dungeon by the end of the year. Just look up #Dungeon23.

The Scene


  • Immediately behind the door is a large shaft heading straight down.
    • It’s square and about 10×10 meters.
    • It looks bottomless but there’s light coming from beyond one of the walls about 10 meters down.
    • 7. The Basement of the Heart
  • Back is to 3. The Hole


  • If listened to for a long period, intermittent clanging sounds can be heard from down below.


  • There is the faint, sweet, intoxicating smell of ozone.


  • The air somewhat tingles the tongue.


  • The walls seem to be solid but are made of something rough but squishy and sticky.



  • Going down the shaft will require some sort of flying, scaling, or spelunking equipment.


Timeframes + Triggers

  • Every 10 seconds

Complications + End

  • A bone chilling scream comes from down the shaft.

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