#Dungeon23: 1. The Entrance to the Endless Stairwell

Dungeon23 is a writing/drawing project for 2023 to write/draw one dungeon room every day with the purpose of having a mega-dungeon by the end of the year. Just look up #Dungeon23.

The Scene


  • The entrance door is situated inside a cave, in the basement of a disused castle, or in a mostly unvisited crevice of a city’s underground water and sewage lines.
  • The appearance of its entrance is different every time but, in some ways, always the same:
    • Wherever it is, the door is wildly out of place.
    • In a cave, the door and frame will be delicate wood.
    • In a castle, it will be made of scarred volcanic metal.
    • In the sewer, it’ll be uncharacteristically rough stone.
    • And, always, there will be no door handle, no latch to grab, no knocker to knock, and sometimes even no apparent seams between the door and its frame despite it being easily discernible as a door and its frame.
    • 2. The First Step


  • The sounds outside the door are as expected of its location.
  • There are no sounds coming from the door or beyond it.


  • The door, regardless of its construction, smells musty and of very old death.


  • The door feels according to its material.
  • Otherwise, it feels cold.


  • Don’t.



  • The only way to open the door is to reach out with your mind. This is the first encounter with what lies beyond. The door will test your mettle before letting you in. More openly psychic people will find this process easier than most but also more draining.

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