#Dungeon23: Overview

Dungeon23 is a writing/drawing project for 2023 to write/draw one dungeon room every day with the purpose of having a mega-dungeon by the end of the year. Just look up #Dungeon23.

Drawing a room a day is somewhat more than I can handle right now, especially when I have other projects, but I can do the writing and maybe sketching. I know I’m starting late but I plan to do a ~SMS sized description every day and catch up or maybe even overtake.

And just to get some help, I asked ChatGPT for some ideas and this is what it gave me.

Sure! Here are a few ideas for a multi-level mega dungeon:
The Cursed Crypt: This dungeon is filled with undead creatures, cursed treasure, and ancient tombs. The deeper you go, the more powerful the undead become, and the more valuable the treasure. The theme is one of ancient curses and the undead rising to claim what is rightfully theirs.
The Mad Mage's Tower: This dungeon is a twisted labyrinth of magic and madness, created by a powerful but deranged wizard. The deeper you go, the more dangerous and unpredictable the magical traps and creatures become. The theme is one of magical chaos and the dangers of unchecked power.
The Underdark: This dungeon is a vast network of underground tunnels and caverns, home to all manner of dark and dangerous creatures. The deeper you go, the more treacherous the tunnels become, and the more powerful the foes you will face. The theme is one of exploration and survival in the darkest reaches of the world.
The Ruins of a Lost Civilization: This dungeon is the remains of a long-abandoned city, filled with forgotten treasure and ancient technology. The deeper you go, the more advanced the technology becomes, and the more clues you will find about the mysterious civilization that once inhabited this place. The theme is one of discovery and mystery, as you try to piece together the history of this lost society.

I’m not gonna use any of these verbatim but I’ll definitely take inspiration. Let’s see how much I can do before I get sick of it.

Update: I will be using my Adventure Template‘s way of writing scenes.

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