Reading Dark Matter 4.3: Path of the Wrecker (Barbarian)

Here we go, another Barbarian. Let’s hope it’s a good one.


Kind of like becoming a siege weapons if it wasn’t really cool. You ignore damage threshold of non-magical items, whatever that means, and you deal double rage damage to constructs. Not double damage, double rage damage. Maybe with that it should have been higher level but if this is the Wrecker then let it wreck.

Percussive Maintenance

I’m all for it. I’m actually thinking that this should be the 3rd level feature and what I suggested for the last one should be the 6th level feature. This one allows the Wrecker to hack system with brute strength instead of intelligence, ultimately breaking the thing. It’s great.

Disarm Foe

This is kind of funny and cool. A Wrecker is a master of breaking things and ripping things apart? This one applies to creatures. The full mechanical description is more specific but you can, basically, rip enemies limbs off and beat them with them. I like this a lot. Just, too bad we had to get to 10th level to get this.

Crush, Smash, Bash

This is a cool ability but not good enough. You can now start breaking armor to the point of reducing its effectiveness. As it is, it costs nothing but only reduces armor by 4. I would say it should cost something but can eventually break worn, non-magical armor entirely, something like ‘reduce it but no more than 10 + Dexterity Modifier. That would be something. It’ll probably cost and take time but that’ll be something. And a reason to haste your Barbarian

Overall, I like the theme of this class but quite disappointed with its implementation. This could have been made a lot more cool.

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