<<display "Dead Monster">>\n<<if $playerhealth gt $monstermaxdmg>>\n<<if $innocents eq 0>>\nIf you think it's time to go to the storage area behind the kitchen, then [[recharge the blade|First Innocent]].\n<<else>>\nDoes your blade need a recharge? If so, [[find the child in the storage closet|Innocent]].\n<<endif>>\n<<display "Encounter List">>\n<<else>><<if $innocents eq 0>>You check yourself and feel worse than you thought. Those monsters did a fair number on you and you fear you might not be able to handle the onslaught like this for much longer.\n\n[[Walk back into the guard house and behind the kitchen, into the storage area.|First Innocent]]\n<<else>>As you see your life fluids stain your tunic, you know what must be done. You take a hard look down the path to see no further approaching monsters and then hobble into the guardhouse, past the kitchen and into the storage area, towards the door. Standing in front of the door, you wonder if you can do it again and how many times?\n\n[[Open the door.|Innocent]]\n<<endif>><<endif>><<set $monsterhealth = 50 + $monsters * 10>><<set $monstermindmg = $monstermindmg + 1>><<set $monstermaxdmg = $monstermaxdmg + 2>><<set $playermindmg = Math.round($playermindmg * 0.9)>><<set $playermaxdmg = Math.round($playermaxdmg * 0.9)>>
The innocent child stares back at you with blank eyes full of acceptence. All of them handle this much better than you. You look at your blade and it trembles with need. You look at the child and his expectant face.\n\n[[Kill the Child]]\n[[Leave Town]]
<<set $encounter = 7>><<display "New Monster">>
You've been travelling for a while, aiming for this town in particular. Omal has a very unique problem, or so you've heard. And this problem is perfect for an ex-soldier who is just looking for an easy job. Omal sits on the edge of an evil dungeon full of monsters. Except this dungeon is a bit wonky. Only one monster comes out of it at any one time. One monster every hour or so. Doesn't sound so tough. Nothing a veteran like yourself can't handle.\n\nYou stroll into town and immediately proceed to the guard post on the other side. People greet you on the way, thanking you for your great service and the burden you take upon yourself. The guard house itself is exactly as advertised: comfortable but not luxurious, all basic needs covered and one very imposing sword on a rack on the far wall.\n\nAs you enter, the mayor of the town, a jolly fellow with a wide midsection, overly tight pants and a very flamboyant waistcoat, turns to smile at you. He has recently completed the preperation of tea and asks if you want some too. And then, without waiting for a reply, he proceeds to make one for you.\n\nYou sit on one of the chair near the only table, wondering whether you should try the mayor's concotion or not, when he starts lecturing you.\nThey only hire veteran soldiers here. It's the special need of the job. And before you can ask, he answers that the guard before you had left because he couldn't handle the demands of the post anymore. It is quite erroding but you will be well compensated for your trouble.\nBut when you do ask what is so special about this job, he motions towards the big sword on the wall and brings it to you. It is a very powerful weapon but requires some special attention to use properly. The magic of the sword slowly wanes with every use but it can be recharged and supercharged with the blood of the innocent. But you shouldn't worry, innocents will be provided whenever needed in the back room behind the kitchen.\n\nIf you accept the assignment then [[take the sword and head out to your post|First Encounter]].\nIf you don't accept it then [[leave town]].\n<<silently>>\n<<set $playerhealth = 200>>\n<<set $playermindmg = 100>>\n<<set $playermaxdmg = 200>>\n<<set $monsterhealth = 50>>\n<<set $monstermindmg = 5>>\n<<set $monstermaxdmg = 10>>\n<<set $monsters = 0>>\n<<set $innocents = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>
\nYou have killed <<if $monsters neq 0>><<print $monsters>><<else>>0<<endif>> monsters in Omal at the cost of <<if $innocents neq 0>><<print $innocents>><<else>>0<<endif>> innocents.\n\nDo you think it was worth it?\n\n[[Yes|No Judgement]]\n[[No|No Judgement]]
Behind the kitchen you find the little closet you've been told about. A hastily written note nailed to it reads "To recharge sword...". You open the closet to see a little girl, no more than eight years old, in baggy clothes sitting on the bare floor. She looks up at you and then you notice the sign above her reads "... Kill innocent child."\n\nThis is what they told you. That if you need to refresh yourself and mend wounds, if you need to replenish your sword's strength, go to the back of the guard house, to the marked closet and follow the instructions.\n\n[[Kill the Child]]\n[[Leave Town]]
<<set $encounter = 8>><<display "New Monster">>
<<set $passagenum = Math.round(Math.random()*2)>><<if $passagenum eq 0>>Not an hour goes by when you see a figure hobble towards you and you [[step out to meet it|monster attack]].<<endif>><<if $passagenum eq 1>>The night seems to be moving by quite timidly, with only minor intrusions of wolf howls and insect chirps. Then your highly trained eyes catch a glimpse of a figure on the path. You know how this will unfold and so you [[ready your blade|monster attack]].<<endif>><<if $passagenum eq 2>>You're sitting in your post when you see a figure approach on the path from the dungeon. Like the trained soldier you are, you block the path and [[stand at the ready|monster attack]].<<endif>>\n<<if $passagenum eq 3>>\n<<endif>>
Incapable of going through with this horror show, you drop the cursed blade right there and stride straight out of town. The girl begs of you to kill her, for the good of the town, but all she sees is your back, vanishing behind the partition.\n\nAs you walk out into the night, holding your insides inside with just your hand, you think to yourself that you, at least, have some of your dignity left.\n\n[[End.|Score]]
No judgement here... Or is there?\n\n\n\nThanks for playing. Please feel free to try again by clicking Restart in the side menu.\n\nPlease send any comments to sabrerunner at gmail.com.\n\nIdea, Design, Writing and Programming: Eran Arbel\n\nA Forward Pushing Game
<<set $encounter = 3>><<display "New Monster">>
<<set $encounter = 2>><<display "New Monster">>
The Price
Come sundown, you feel much more refreshed. The townsfolk have stopped by on occasion to congratulate you and wish you luck and success. And when you stepped out to grab some midday grub, they were more than accomodating.\n\nBut now the sun has set and it is time to return to work. You head back to the guard house, take your sword and man your post.\n\n[[Start the night's watch|First Encounter]].
<<if $encounter eq 1>>Or [[go back to your post.|Second Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 2>>Or [[go back to your post.|Third Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 3>>Or [[go back to your post.|Fourth Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 4>>Or [[go back to your post.|Fifth Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 5>>Or [[go back to your post.|Sixth Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 6>>Or [[go back to your post.|Seventh Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 7>>Or [[go back to your post.|Eighth Encounter]]<<endif>><<if $encounter eq 8>>Or [[go back to your post.|Morning]]<<endif>>
<<set $encounter = 6>><<display "New Monster">>
<<set $encounter = 5>><<display "New Monster">>
<<set $passagenum = Math.round(Math.random()*2)>><<if $passagenum eq 0>>That seemed easy enough, you think to yourself as the monster decomposes at your feet. And so, you head back to your warm guard post and watch.<<endif>><<if $passagenum eq 1>>The wretched folk lies at your feet, boiling away into the night. You look up, just in case, to see if any more enemies abound. But there are none. Relieved this is over for now, you sit back at your post.<<endif>><<if $passagenum eq 2>>The monster crumbles to the ground in an actual heap of bones. And then, quicker than thought, the bones turn to dust and blow in the wind. You raise an eyebrow at this quick departure but pay it no further mind as you take your seat in the post again.<<endif>>\n<<if $passagenum eq 3>>\n<<endif>>
The sun rises over the horizon, revealing the vast expanses of fields the townsfolk work, the mountains and valleys in the distance and one very dark hill with an entrance as black as night, not one kilometer down the road.\n<<display "Recovery">>\nAfter several hours' work, he tells you to drink lots of fluids and get some rest and you should be completely fine by tonight. \n\n<<set $playerhealth = 200 + $innocents * 100>>[[Rest Until Sunset]].\n[[Leave Town]].
<<set $encounter = 1>><<display "New Monster">>
<<set $encounter = 4>><<display "New Monster">>
<<set $monsterdmg = Math.round($monstermindmg + Math.random()*($monstermaxdmg-$monstermindmg))>><<set $playerdmg = Math.round($playermindmg + Math.random()*($playermaxdmg-$playermindmg))>><<set $playerhealth = Math.max($playerhealth - $monsterdmg,0)>><<set $monsterhealth = Math.max($monsterhealth - $playerdmg,0)>><<if $monsterhealth eq 0>><<set $monsters = $monsters + 1>><<endif>>The monster slashes at you and deals <<print $monsterdmg>> damage.\n\n<<if $playerhealth neq 0>>You are now at <<print $playerhealth>> health.\n\nYou strike back with your sword, dealing <<print $playerdmg>> damage.\n\n<<if $monsterhealth neq 0>>The monster is now at <<print $monsterhealth>> health.\n\n[[Hit it Again.|monster attack]]\n\n<<else>>The monster is dead.\n\nYou have killed <<print $monsters>> monsters so far.\n\n[[Conclude Encounter]]\n<<endif>>\n<<else>>You have been struck dead.\n\n[[End.|Score]]<<endif>>
Incapable of going through with this horrific act, you drop the cursed blade right there and stride straight out of town. The people look at you and some of them plead with you to stay. You spot a five or six year old boy a split second before he hugs your leg.\n"Please mister," He says, "Stay and fight the monsters. I will give my blood if it helps."\n\nYou are unsure whether to be touched or horrified.\n\nIf you feel obligated, to at least try your hand at the job, go back, take your sword and [[take your post|First Encounter]].\nIf you do not wish to take part in this, abandon these people to their wretched lives and [[get out of here]].
You walk straight out of the town and back out into the world. Your experience in Omal was, at least, an educational one. But you still [[struggle with the implications of what you've seen and heard|Score]].
<<if $monsters eq 8>>\nSatisfied of a job well done, you head back into the guard house to clean yourself up. The town's doctor soon arrives and sees your condition.\n"You fared better than most after one night," He says and begins working on you.\nHe sews up open wounds, applies medicines and ointments and cleans up every bruise. \n<<else>>\n<<set $passagenum = Math.round(Math.random()+0)>>\n<<if $passagenum eq 0>>\nTired but victorious, you slowly walk back into the guardhouse, drop the sword on the floor and drop yourself on the bed, waiting for the Doc to arrive. Soon enough, the door creaks open and the town physician walks in.\n"Well, you've looked better," He says, smiles and then kneels beside you and gets to work.\nHe sets your arm back in your socket and you amaze him by just gritting your teeth. He mumbles something about the damage you must have taken in the past and then starts cleaning your wounds.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $passagenum eq 1>>\nYou spit on the last monster you slew and kick it for good measure. Then you use the sword as a crutch for that bloody monstrosity got you good in the shin. But you manage to drag yourelf back into the guard house and plump yourself on the bed. The doctor comes in a few agonizing minutes after that.\n"Oh, something got you this time," He says and giggles at his own joke before kneeling beside you and checking you over.\nHe sets your leg and binds it tight and then starts dabbing at the huge laceration on your abdomen.\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
You strike down with a mighty blow, severing half the child's torso from her body. But the blood, instead of gushing onto the floor, gets sucked into your blade. And as it pulses with new found power, you also feel a rush of exhiliration.\n<<set $innocents = $innocents + 1>>\nYou have killed <<print $innocents>> innocents thus far.\n<<silently>><<set $playerhealth = 200 + $innocents * 100>><<set $playermindmg = $playermindmg * 2>><<set $playermaxdmg = $playermaxdmg * 2>><<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "Encounter List">>
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